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Time Station Train No Plat Stops Remarks Arm
17:43 Winterthur, Wülflingen B
17:49 Winterthur, Wülflingen B
17:52 Winterthur, Schloss B
17:52 Winterthur, Oberwinterthur D
17:53 Winterthur, Waldegg C
17:54 Winterthur, Oberseen B
17:54 Winterthur, Oberseen C
17:55 Winterthur, Wülflingen B
17:56 Elsau, Melcher D
17:56 Winterthur Wülflingen, Bahnhof E
17:56 Winterthur, Töss E
17:56 Winterthur, Seen C
17:56 Oberwinterthur, Bahnhof G
17:58 Winterthur, Oberwinterthur D
18:00 Winterthur, Technorama G
18:01 Winterthur, Wülflingen B
18:02 Winterthur, Oberseen B
18:02 Winterthur, Töss E
18:02 Winterthur, Seen C
18:02 Winterthur, Oberseen C
18:02 Elsau, Bännebrett H
18:03 Winterthur, Technorama F
18:03 Neftenbach, Tössallmend H
18:03 Seuzach, Bahnhof J
18:03 Flaach, Oberdorf H
18:04 Winterthur, Oberwinterthur D

Time Org Stn Train No Plat Des Stn Remarks Arm
17:43 B Winterthur, Wülflingen
17:49 B Winterthur, Wülflingen
17:52 B Winterthur, Schloss
17:52 D Winterthur, Oberwinterthur
17:53 C Winterthur, Waldegg
17:54 B Winterthur, Oberseen
17:54 C Winterthur, Oberseen
17:55 B Winterthur, Wülflingen
17:56 D Elsau, Melcher
17:56 E Winterthur Wülflingen, Bahnhof
17:56 E Winterthur, Töss
17:56 C Winterthur, Seen
17:56 G Oberwinterthur, Bahnhof
17:58 D Winterthur, Oberwinterthur
18:00 G Winterthur, Technorama
18:01 B Winterthur, Wülflingen
18:02 B Winterthur, Oberseen
18:02 E Winterthur, Töss
18:02 C Winterthur, Seen
18:02 C Winterthur, Oberseen
18:02 H Elsau, Bännebrett
18:03 F Winterthur, Technorama
18:03 H Neftenbach, Tössallmend
18:03 J Seuzach, Bahnhof
18:03 H Flaach, Oberdorf
18:04 D Winterthur, Oberwinterthur
18:04 J Henggart, Bahnhof

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